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WorldEscrow N.V./S.A.
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Worldescrow N.V.
Graaf van Egmontstraat 15 bus 1
2800 Mechelen
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WorldEscrow - Microsoft Dynamics and developer added value

WorldEscrow was recently appointed the status of a certified Escrow Partner for Microsoft Dynamics.

Microsoft demands that its Dynamics Partners protect their developments by putting them in Escrow, as a means of ensuring quality and continuity. WorldEscrow is one of the select few Escrow agents worldwide to be included on the list of Certified for Microsoft Dynamics Escrow Agents.

This follows after the closure of the WorldEscrow-Atos frame agreement, in which Atos is to deposit not only software produced by Atos, but also software purchased by Atos.

WorldEscrow thus nestles itself deeper in its position as Escrow Agent with specific attention for the unique situation of developers who are confronted with the question for an Escrow solution. As a neutral, trusted third party, WorldEscrow is obliged to give guarantees regarding the quality of the deposit to the users and beneficiaries of the product. This, however, doesn't mean we can be blind to the concerns and the extra effort for the developer inherent to such a question. To the contrary: through understanding, a positive relationship and proper communication with the developer, usually a more complete, thorough and a generally richer deposit is achieved.

On top of that is a deposit by its very definition in constant evolution, and suggestions for improvement can be made and implemented at every verification.

One also shouldn't underestimate the value of an Escrow deposit for the developer itself. A deposit is a fully documented, structured and extremely complete copy of the entire technological development.

It starts by copying the DNA of the product, its source code, and goes from technical manuals, license catalogi and DB-Structures, over incident-logs and version comparison all the way to integral knowledge libraries. This makes a well-executed Escrow deposit a valuable part of any form of long-term knowledge management and could be of a lot of (practical) use - not in the least for the developer itself.

In other words: Escrow as an added value to the developer!

Would you like to know more? You are always welcome to contact us.